What should a girl do?

“What should a girl do?”

The other day my wife was attending a Chamber of Commerce luncheon and was seated at a table towards the front of the room. All of a sudden a scream came from the back of the room. Everybody turned around and saw a lady standing up at her table and then falling to the floor. It turns out she was having a seizure but no one knew it at the time. People rushed to her aid but no one knew who she was. She came to the luncheon by herself. She didn’t have a name tag on. She didn’t have a purse with her that would have contained identification information. Heck, she didn’t even have a set of car keys with her. So she must’ve walked from a nearby business but from where?  All she had with her at the table was a cell phone which no one could gain access to for a passcode was needed. While they were waiting for EMS to arrive there was one individual present who said that while he didn’t know who she was but she did attend his church. And all he knew about her that she was 38 years of age. That was a lot of help.


I don’t know about you but I don’t utilize a passcode to get into my cell phone. I guess my life is an open book. But you do not need a passcode to obtain information in case of a medical emergency. On my iPhone under contacts I list “emergency phone numbers and names.” Furthermore, I utilize the health app that comes with it. If applicable I list any medications I am taking. And if I was utilizing a passcode, all you have to do is click “emergency” down at the bottom of the screen and then go to “medical ID” I can’t speak for Android cell phones but I am sure they are similar. When you think about it you could turn your cell phone into a portable, scaled down Vial of Life.


Back to the problem I was discussing. “What should a girl do?” Make sure you have your health information inside your cell phone for access by EMS and/or people trying to assist you in case of emergency. If not, then you better take your purse with you. You never know when an emergency is going to occur; especially, one involving yourself.

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