My Husband Took Care of Everything



Dick and Jane were married some forty years then one day while she was at the grocery store and Dick was home, due to a gas leak the house exploded causing his death. Before he collapsed, he was able to call her on his cell phone. All he was able to say was “The dog is gone.” How tragic. But what happened afterwards compounded the situation.

Dick took care of all of the family finances but never shared any information with Jane. She focused primarily on raising the kids and running the household. Every now and then she would ask him a question and usual answer was “ I got it all taken care of.” With the house went everything including all of their financial records. Not one piece of paper was found in the burnt rubble. Jane was at a loss. She had no idea if there were investment accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts, insurance policies, certificates of deposit or savings bonds.

About forty days after this incident she came to me for help. We discovered that the mail was being held up for there was no house to deliver it to and a change of address card was never submitted. We went through it and discovered insurance premium notices, bank and broker statements, and a credit card bill. The next step was going to the bank to review statements for the preceding year. We were able to reconstruct their financial records.


We got Jane through it but there is a lesson to be learned from this for all of us. Sometimes there is a price to pay for not sharing financial information with a spouse. If you are inclined not to do so then duplicate the information and keep it in second location. Let your spouse know where it can be found if something happens to you.  What’s the biggest secret? There are no secrets. Some are just more difficult to solve than others.    

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