Michael C. Brown graduated from Wichita State University and went to law school at Oklahoma City University. He first practiced in Western Kansas but relocated home to the Wichita area in 1989. As a result of having to deal with long-term care involving his mother and other close relatives his eyes were opened to the issues people have to face in helping their loved ones in a time of need. Thus the commitment to helping you “achieve your peace of mind.”

Meet the team

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Traci Brown

Traci Brown has been with me since 1982, the year we were married. We have three adult daughters. In addition to handling administrative matters she still finds time to do volunteer work in the community.

Alyssa Bales

Alyssa Bales is my legal secretary. We work together to prepare the legal documentation and/or pleadings for our clients.

Rachael Guerrero

Rachael Guerrero is one of my legal secretaries.

Vicki Skeers

Vicki Skeers is a registered nurse who obtained her degree from Wichita State University and a Masters Degree as an Adult Practitioner from the University of Washington. She has extensive expertise in adult health and wellness. I needed someone with her background to help me better understand my clients' health issues. So I turned to my sister.

Grace and Ginger

These are my canine consultants they are the best listeners. They can keep a secret. And they have all the answers to my questions whether I like them or not.

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